Alberto Rizza

Founder of the “Carrozzeria Rizza A.” and pioneer in automobile repair, with over 50 years of experience in the sector. He started to attend the automobile repair environment at the age of 6, spending the entire afternoons in the automobile repair shop of his Dad Gino.

Alberto Rizza plays a leading role in the growth and development of the automobile repair shop. He has always supported the quality and professionalism of the work carried out at his shop. Today he supervises all the operations of the Multiservice Rizza A. founded by him.

Mirko Rizza

Shop Manager, Mirko Rizza (born in 1976) at the age of 16 starts to learn from his father Alberto the art of the tinsmith. With about 25 years of experience, today he runs the entire workflow of the “Carrozzeria Rizza A.”, managing the various repair phases, from the dismantling to the finishing.

Daniele Rizza

Claim estimation and Customer relationship Manager, Daniele Rizza (born in 1978) graduated road accident expert, he started working in the “Carrozzeria Rizza A.” at the age of 16 as assistant to his grandfather Gino. Thanks to the grandfather he learns how to manage customer relations, the management of spare parts and refines his mechanical skills. He then specializes as a mechanic, and then concentrates his activity on the claim estimation.

Andrea Rizza

Administration and Sale Manager, Andrea Rizza (born in 1987), graduated in mechanical engineering at the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome in 2011. He soon moved to Modena for about 6 years and in 2014 he gets a master’s degree in vehicle engineering at the “Enzo Ferrari University” of Modena. Immediately after graduation, due to employment issues, he spends almost a year living in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In 2017 he returned to Rome and joined the family business, introducing the know-how acquired in his past experiences. Today, Andrea is responsible for the relationships with foreign clients, administration and salesroom.


Marco Spada

Repair shop Manager, Marco (born in 1974), graduated road accident expert, has a long-standing managerial experience with German brands, is responsible for the staff management, a team of professionals working on mechanical parts while guaranteeing high quality results.