“Carrozzeria Rizza” A. today

“Carrozzeria Rizza A.” is located within the GRA covering a working area of 460 square meters and about 2000 square meters of the forecourt.

Many services are offered by “Carrozzeria Rizza A.” including the big and well-equipped Mechanical Workshop so as to offer a complete service and satisfy customer’s needs.

Besides being specialized with brands it is historically related to, such as Alfa Romeo , Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and BMW,.

“Carrozzeria Rizza A.” is a trusty company of Toyota, Volkswagen and Skoda.

Thanks to the know-how gained during the last century, “Carrozzeria Rizza A.” has become a gathering place for vintage car collectors that require car restoration
from the 30s to the 80s. Once restructured, American and Europeans cars lead people to revive experience of that era.

“Carrozzeria Rizza A.” performs vintage car restoration works, satisfying the most demanding collectors requests.

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