With almost seventy years of experience and four generations operating in the fixing car industry, “Carrozzeria Rizza A.” has been developing high quality fixing processes
thanks to specialized staff, to the use of the state-of-the-art equipment and continuous updating courses, aimed at customer satisfaction and focus on details.

Having assisted directly to the history of the automobile, “Carrozzeria Rizza” has accumulated experience in cars of all ages, and this has allowed its affirmation
in the field of vintage car restoration.

Rizza’s family history is linked to the passion for automobiles and especially to vintage vehicles: even in the early 40s, Vittorio Rizza was dedicated to repair the wooden parts
of the cars of that time, while his son Gino started to learn the art of tinsmithery.

It was Gino Rizza in 1949 to found the first “Carrozzeria Rizza” in Rome, in Via Appia Nuova. Thanks to the working success, in 1956, the operational headquarters
moved to the new location in Via Marino Laziale so that the company could grow along with the continuous progress of the automobile.
It was 1973 when Gino Rizza with his 4 sons Amleto, Alberto, Claudio and Spartaco opened their new seat in Via Demetriade, where high quality work was done and it became Alfa Romeo partner, being thus recognized for its merit.

Alberto Rizza in 2007, with a forty-year experience in the field of car fixing, decides to found together with his three sons Mirko, Daniele and Andrea, the “Carrozzeria Rizza A. Srl”.

First location seat of the new company was opened in Via Maremmana in Gallicano, then, the need for wider spaces and a more central position lead the fixing car repair shop
to move to the new building in Via Prenestina 912.
The new reality is based on three fundamental values: tradition, passion and innovation. Three pillars that give the boost to honor 70 years of history.

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